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England’s Green Belt Grows by 1.5 Percent

For the first time in eight years, England has seen the addition of new Green Belt land, with a net increase of 24,150 hectares of land designated, equating to a 1.5% uplift.

The bulk of this increase is driven by Northumberland where an additional 26,790 hectares of Green Belt land has been allocated within the county. 13 other authorities across England also made changes to their Green Belt boundaries, although with the exception of a 130 hectare increase in Buckinghamshire, other authorities saw low or moderate decreases. Following the update, it is estimated that 12.6% of England's land area is designated as Green Belt.

There are no changes in London or the majority of surrounding counties where designated land is likely to be in the highest demand.

Full facts and figures can be found on gov.uk